How to clean the outdoor LED display?

Due to the large area of the outdoor display screen and working in the sun for a long time, it will inevitably be covered with dirt and dust, which will affect the display effect and color reproduction of the display screen. In order to ensure its display effect, we need to regularly clean and maintain the outdoor LED display.

The cleaning work needs to be equipped with a professional cleaning team, usually using a high-altitude sling (commonly known as spider man) or a gondola, equipped with professional cleaning equipment, and selecting targeted cleaning according to different dirt, so as to ensure that the LED lamp beads and Complete the cleaning work under the premise of the mask.

First of all, you need to buy a cleaning kit with better quality (do not use water directly). The cost of cleaning solution generally includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic liquid, etc., which can effectively clean the dust and other stains on the LED display. Before cleaning, you need to unplug the power cord, then spray a little cleaning solution on the cleaning cloth, and gently wipe it in the same direction.

Cleaning steps:
1. Dust removal: Absorb the dirt and dust on the surface of the display screen mask;
2. Cleaning: Use a sprayer to spray the special cleaning liquid on the surface of the module for preliminary cleaning;
3. Secondary dust removal: Use a brush to clean the dust of the LED display again, and pay attention to avoid secondary pollution;
4. Secondary cleaning: spray the special cleaning liquid on the surface of the module, and clean it again to remove dust;
5. Drying: It can be naturally air-dried in good weather, such as humidity, low temperature and low surface drying need to be dried;
6. Repair: Use a sprayer to spray the special repair liquid evenly on the surface of the display screen for surface repair;
7. Wind drying: Under the conditions of temperature, humidity and wind speed, the LED full-color screen can be naturally windy.