Yes. The creative LED video screen is tailored design, any shape and size, for example, sphere ball, LED tree, LED cube etc.

Yes. Customized creative LED display assemble and dismantle video and would be made before delivery, we record the assemble and dismantle video of the complete LED display for aging test in our factory.

Control software operation for creative video LED tree is as simple as Novastar control software. User manual will help you to operate the software step by step. Besides, free on-line training is available, and you are always welcome to our factory for free-training. If necessary, our technician can be sent to your company for free training, and guide the on-site installation and debugging.

Creative LED screen can be made with Novastar control system. While creative LED display screen need to be equipped with our customized configure file to achieve required effect, for example LED tree needed 3 or more configure files.

Yes. Thickness 33mm depth for indoor panel of ultra slim, nature cooling, noise free, double sides available with 53mm panel depth. While outdoor panel thickness 110mm, 30kg/sqm, aluminum module base, 45°edges, easy to achieve right angle installation, dual power and signal ports, IP65 rating front and rear, great reliability even in outdoor tough working environment.

Both normal flat LED module and soft LED module can be made with PH1.25mm, PH1.579mm, PH1.875mm, PH1.86, PH2mm, PH2.5mm and PH3mm. Indoor normal LED display ranging from PH1.25mm to PH4mm, outdoor normal LED display ranging from PH2.5mm to PH10mm.

The key points for flexible LED module to achieve concave and convex surface are flexible PCB board and silicone bottom support , good bending ability and high temperature resistance.


We offer video protocol for you to make customized interactive video contents, then interactive LED floor contents can be made freely.

63mm combined thickness of panel and mounting frame, optional XR technology for filming and broadcast, color space match with DCI-P3(95%). Optional HDR technology, excellent visuals with true colors available for immersive experiences.

LED display can be used for indoor and outdoor, rental and permanent installations, like shopping mall, TV studios, night clubs, fashion shows, exhibitions, museums, auto-shows, concert tours, retail stores, plaza, theme parks, children areas etc.

Delivery time for LED display with cabinet is around 15 working days for orders within 300sqm, for LED module is around 7 working days for orders within 300sqm.

Outdoor sphere LED ball panel is IP67 rating front and rear, fully waterproof for outdoor permanent installations.

LED screens can be front serviced, we have solutions for both indoor and outdoor LED screens, indoor with magnetic for front maintenance, while outdoor LED screen front and rear maintenance less than 10 seconds to install or dismantle a module with hex wrench, minimum labor required, modular design, IP65 rating front and rear, great reliability even in outdoor tough working environment.

Both indoor and outdoor rental design cabinet or interactive LED floor tiles and LED floor tiles can be used for concert tours. LED floor panel tool-free height adjustable installation foot ensuring quick on-site installation and dismantle.