Application: Indoor and outdoor rental installation
Pixel Pitch: 1.95mm, 2.5mm, 2.6mm, 2.97mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm
Panel Size: 500x1000mm, 500x500mm

Rental LED dipplay screens are designed for both indoor and outdoor rental installations. Die-casting aluminum cabinet size both available for 500x500mm and 500x1000mm, curved optional for inward 30 degrees and outward 8 degrees which have largely adopted for wall-mounted fix install, rental use, hanging and floor standing applications etc.

LED module size: 250mm x 250mm

Available magnectic plate on LED module for quiker and accurate assemble

Front and rear maintenance

LED panel weight (500x500mm): 8KG

Aluminum alloy panel for better heat dissipation

Corner protector on 4 sides for well protect the LED during transportation

Positioning pin & fast locks for quiker assembling during install

Hanging installation is optional

500x500mm and 500x1000mm LED panel can be mixed use during install

Cuved shape is optional with curved degree lock

Inward: 30 degrees
Outward: 8 degrees

Pixel Pitch1.95mm2.5mm2.60mm2.97mm3.91mm3.91mm4.81mm
Pixel LEDSMD1515SMD2020SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121SMD1921SMD1921
Module Resolution(WxH)128 x 128100 x 10096 x 9684 x 8464 x 6464 x 6452 x 52
Module Size(WxH)250 x 250
Pixel Density(dots/sqm)262,144160,000147,456112,89665,53665,53643,264
Panel Resolution(WxH)256 x 256200 x 200192 x 192 168 x 168128 x 128128 x 128104 x 104
Panel Dimensions(WxHxD)500mm x 500mm x 80mm500mm x 500mm / 500mm x 1000mm 
Weight Per Panel8KG8KG / 16KG
Panel MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
Driving Mode1/32 scan1/50 scan1/32 scan1/28 scan1/16 scan1/16 scan1/3 scan
Brightness 700nits to 1200nits3500nits to 5500nits
Viewing AngleHorizontal 160°; Vertical 160°
Gray Scale16 bit
Refresh Rate>1920 Hz
IP RatingIP45IP65
Color Temperature 3200-9300K(optional)
Input Power SourceAC110-220V; 60/60Hz
Average Power Consumption200W/m2200W/m2230W/m2
Maximum Power Consumption700W/m2700W/m2770W/m2
Operation Temperature-20℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity 10%-90%RH
Serviceability Front and rear accessRear access