Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Display

● Front maintenance by T-shape lock
● LED module size: 320x160mm
● LED cabinet size: 960x960mm
● Available for outdoor fix installation
● IP grade: IP65

● Outdoor LED display cabinet size is tailored based on the LED module amount, the most popular cabinet size is 960mmx960mm.
● LED cabinet material is optional for steel/aluminum/die-casting aluminum.
● Sport perimeter LED football screen is available.

● Over 5,000nits brightness ensuring commercial LED display showing clear images in daytime with direct sunlight.
● Automatic light sensor adjusting the brightness. Energy-saving design, lower the power suppliers and power consumption.
● Wide viewing angle and rich color depth, superb color uniformity and vivid images.
IP65 rating front and rear.
● Front or rear maintenance, ideal for outdoor tough working environment.

Front maintenance cabinet with designed cooling hole on back of cabinet for better heat dissipation, cooling air coming from the bottom and going out from the top side.

● Both sides of cabinet have handle for lifting duing install.
● Outdoor digital LED display help advertisers to convey their product and service information to target customers, bright and vivid images make advertisement more attractive and impressive.

Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Display​

ItemTechnical parameter

LED Module

Pixel Pitch4mm5mm
Pixel Density62500/m240000/m2
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED PackageSMD1921
Pixel Resolution(W)80*40(H)(W)64*32(H)
Average Power16W
Module Current5A
Module Weight0.65 kg

LED Cabinet

Cabinet size960X960mm750X1250mm
Module Amount3×6 pcs
Hub CardHUB75
Best Viewing AngleHorizontal >170  Vertical>120
Best Viewing Distance4–30m5–30m
Working Temperature200C to +600C
Max power<900W/m²
Average power300W
Power Quantity200W Loading 4pcs LED module
Refresh Rate1920 HZ
Scan Mode1/101/8
Brightness5000 nits 
Life span100,000Hours
Communication distance   <100m