As a popular place for shopping, entertainment and relaxing, shopping mall plays an important role in peoples’ daily life especially in large and medium size cities, many companies would like to advertise their brands, products and services in shopping malls via LED Display.

LED Display application for shopping mall including indoor fine pitch LED display, indoor ultra slim LED display, indoor front serviced LED display, transparent LED display, flexible LED display, LED mesh display, double-side LED display, film LED display, pillar LED display, sphere ball LED display, right angle LED display, ceiling LED display, LED poster, LED billboard, magic LED cube, logo LED display etc.

Besides, outdoor LED display, 3D LED display, large size LED mesh display are also popular options for shopping mall. LED floor and interactive LED floor are also great choices for play zones and children’s area in shopping malls, and they can also work with LED walls to create an immersive experiences space for visitors as a relax zone.