Harbor Visual FLEXIBLEP1.25mm Indoor LED TREE Display

Harbor Visual FLEXIBLE P1.25mm Indoor LED TREE Display For better immersive and attractive experience, Harbor Visual team has developed high-resolution 1.25mm flexible LED display. Harbor Visual flexible LED displays’ advantages: 1)Compared with the traditional PCB material, the flexible FPC circuit board made of flexible insulating material has higher hardness. It has high strength compressive resistance and anti-distortion ability, which can better solve all kinds of “roundabout, nooks and crannies” installation difficulties.  2)The installation of LED flexible module is mainly based on magnetic column suction, which is convenient and fast to install, but also easy to shape. The installation of magnetic suction is as simple as that of conventional indoor screen installation.  3)Good ductility, can be lifted, mounted, hanging, etc. It can also realize the multi-picture by flexible module. By connecting the main control computer, the

Harbor Visual Launched 2.97mm Indoor Interactive Floor LED Screen

Harbor Visual Launched 2.97mm Indoor Interactive Floor LED Screen For better immersive and interactive experience, Harbor Visual team has developed high-resolution 2.97mm interactive floor LED screen. Harbor Visual Interactive Floor LED screens’ advantages: LED Floor screen is born for the stage, it can bring an immersive visual experience to audiences. Interactive function achieved through built-in Optical Sensor. Multi-touch design, real-time interactive experience can be achieved without any external interactive devices. Solid matt black PC mask which is UV resistance, abrasion resistance, high contrast ratio and has very good light transmission, no need to put additional tempered glass or acrylic plate, people can walk on the LED floor screen freely and safely. High-strength, weight loading of the LED Floor tiles exceed 2,000KG/m2 with test report. Harbor Visual as the Interactive Floor LED Screen supplier, product ranging from 2.97mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm, 5.2mm, 6.25mm, 7.8mm, 8.9mm,